Sportscar Cinema for Porsche Experience Center

Porsche Sportscar Cinema

Porsche challenged us to create an immersive video experience for the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles giving users a shareable moment inside one of their newest high-end sports cars. The “Sports Car Cinema," as we dubbed it, placed guests behind the wheel of the Targa 911 and recreated the experience of running high-speed laps around the test track.

Our Solution

To pull this off, we shot and produced video panels of the Targa 911 zipping around the test course for the B-reel, as well as matching panels that would be green-screened into the windows of the car interior to bring the experience to life.

At the live event, guests were shot from multiple angles simultaneously inside a stationary Targa surrounded by a green-screen set. Cued by video footage from the pre-production, users tossed and turned around the track.

The results were as fun as they were shareable, and led to a lot of compliments and concerned comments from impressed friends on Instagram.

Sportscar Cinema
Sportscar Cinema
Sportscar Cinema
Sportscar Cinema

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