COVERGIRL launches a permanent OM video booth at their new Times Square flagship.



Year-Round Social Media Buzz

COVERGIRL asked us create an in-store experiential strategy that would ensure that they will be buzzing on social media with premium video content year-round.

Our team responded by designing a custom OM Booth to live in the space.


A Custom Video Installation

For this project, our team created a unique form factor with integrated beauty-lighting to perfectly match the brand and aesthetic of their new store. Built on our versatile OM Booth 2 video platform, the booth boasts custom Covergirl-branded user interface and video style.

The booth has already been used by almost 10,000 people reaching an estimated audience over a 3 million people. We look forward to keeping that buzz going year-round with fresh new content.

How we
got there

Custom UI/UX
A custom user interface was designed to deliver guests a seamless user experience.
Custom Video FX
Custom Video effects were designed and coded to give this production a unique look.


Almost 10,000 unique pieces of content created to date.
Estimated 3 million impressions

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