Pure Genius Brainwave Art

Guests create and share custom brainwave art using an EEG headset



Visualizing Pure Genius

AWESTRUCK Marketing group came to us to design a custom brainwave art app for their client CBS, to promote the show Pure Genius at New York Comic-Con. We had a limit footprint at a convention and guests' attention would spread thin among many booths.


Creating Brainwave Art

To realize the concept we developed a system where readings from brainwave scanners were converted into unique pieces of art. Guests put on the wireless headset and then simply touched the screen to begin. The screen in front of them then showed their brain wave patterns and convert it into beautiful knit colors, specific to each guest. A printer on the side of the wall gave them a take-away print of their brainwave art and they were given the option to email themselves the digital version as well.

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