Project Runway Fashion Studio

OM Digital transformed a shipping container into a fashion runway for the return of Project Runway to Bravo at SXSW.



Hitting the runway in style

Project Runway wanted to celebrate their return to Bravo with an immersive video experience that would let guests at SXSW hit the runway in style.

The venue for the shoot was a converted shipping container, which meant getting creative with set design to get the most out of the space and maintain the illusion of depth.


Custom Set Design & Video Production

We created a custom set design inspired by the new Project Runway stage and completed it with dynamic lighting controls synced to a planned shot sequence.

Guests were shot from multiple angles and videos were edited together and shared instantly using our OM Studio Platform.

How we
got there

Cinema Camera
A professional cinema camera was used to deliver film quality content.
Custom Set Design
We designed, fabricated, and installed an on-brand lighting and stage design.
Custom Storyboard
Videos were composed with a sequence of choreographed moments including a dramatic silhouette shot, a catwalk strut and a gorgeous glam-light closeup.
Stage Lighting
A custom, integrated lighting design completed the production-chic runway set and allowed us to synchronize lighting effects and color for each shot.


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