Heidi Klum Halloween

Heidi Klum and her Halloween guests star in this occult video experience for Amazon Prime Video



A Heidi Halloween Scene

Heidi Klum's Halloween parties have become legendary since she started throwing them in 2000. Naturally, Amazon Prime turned to OM to create a video experience worthy of the occasion.


Occult Scene

Using a combination of live actors in black robes and a candlelit scene inspired by films like "Eyes Wide Shut," OM created an occult scene that took on a unique twist with every costumed guest who entered. The experience was completed by a professional studio portrait.

How we
got there

Creative Concepting and Ideation
OM provided strategy and design, from concept to execution.
Custom Set Design
We designed, fabricated, and installed an on-brand lighting and stage design.
On-Site Technical Production
Managed all facets of production, including video, lighting, and direction.
Social Media Sharing
Handled by the OM Share technology platform.

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