Our Solution

We drew on our design and photography know-how to create a unique photo booth, capturing a honed-in bar top. Rather than focusing on people, the booth would perfectly capture their custom cocktails. This concept presented a special opportunity, and we decided to show off. Sensors triggered the Drink Booth when users set their cocktails on a round, lighted pad. The same pad also illuminated drinks from within and provided a perfect glow for showcasing the beverages, inherently boosting the share-ability of captured images. A one-way mirror allowed users to see their framed shot as the picture was taken. In the end, the booth toured through six major cities and captured over a thousand custom beverages around the country. Those branded cocktails were viewed more than 20,000 times.

Drink Booth
Drink Booth
Drink Booth

Our Process

  • Design

    We believe technology is meant to delight. Our product design process draws from years of experiential marketing. From the drawing board, our engineers and developers worked directly with our creative team with a focus on the experience rather than the ‘product.’ We looked at the brand guidelines and the client goals and matched those against what would make amazing shareable content.

  • Build

    Everything we make is built with as much care as the brands they serve. Our in-house designers, developers, and engineers are committed to ensuring that all materials have the perfect look and feel, the user interface is a pleasure to use, and tight deadlines are managed without delays.

  • Execute

    We believe the greatest value for our clients lies in the combination of our creative direction and the engagement provided by our technicians and on-site representatives. Our team is ready to deploy bespoke projects and national campaigns with equal precision.

  • Analyze

    Rigorous data collection and easy to read summaries are essential to communicating the value provided by experiential marketing and organic social media campaigns. That’s why our hosting back-end is designed to include a robust analytics engine that tracks reach long after the on-the-ground campaign has ended.

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