Carpool Karaoke

Guests and influencers record their own episode of Carpool Karaoke



The Ultimate Karaoke Video Booth

Cadillac approached us to create a fully immersive green screen experience that would place users behind the wheel of their own episode of the hit show Carpool Karaoke. We needed to make it look like guests were speeding through Los Angeles while singing their hearts out to their favorite song.


Instant Episodes of Carpool Karoake

To accomplish this, we shot B-reel and video panels in Los Angeles to match the video from multiple camera angles in our green screen set. Our software automatically spliced together the video clips and audio to create an incredibly realistic result.

Guests hopped behind the wheel and lived out their carpool karaoke fantasies. Celebrities didn’t hold back either, everyone from Post Malone to Millie Bobby Brown took a ride. The result was so convincing that after Millie posted her video on Instagram, Refinery29 wrote an article asking who was "Driving The Car During Millie Bobby Brown's Carpool Karaoke?” It was us!

Guests loved the experience so much that Cadillac took the installation 'on the road' to America's major auto shows, culminating in a massive presence at the Detroit Auto Show.

How we
got there

OM Digital produced and shot B-Reel to complete the experience.
Custom UI/UX
A custom user interface was designed to deliver guests a seamless user experience.
Green Screen Video
Green screen video technology was used to create an immersive experience.
The activation was designed to be easily replicated and deployed in several locations.


Organic posts on Instagram by major influencers and celebrities.
Generated earned-PR including an article in Refinery29.
Activations at 3 major auto-shows across the U.S.
Over 5 million organic impressions on Instagram and thousands of videos shared.

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