BravoCon 2019

Guests and influencers at BravoCon jump between stages to star in trailers for three Bravo TV shows.



Viral Bravo Moments

Following the success of OM's 2019 Project Runway video experience at SXSW, Bravo asked us to expand the experience at BravoCon to include two new shows from the lineup and further immerse guests in the Bravo world. In addition to the classic Project Runway studio, we added two new video studios for The Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules.


Become a Bravo TV Legend

Along with Bravo TV legend Andy Cohen, guests strutted on the Project Runway catwalk, made cameos as one of The Real Housewives, and dished out cocktails like the staff at SUR. Like Cohen, guests experienced what it was like to be the star of the whole Bravo TV studio.

How we
got there

Creative Concepting and Ideation
OM provided strategy and design, from concept to execution.
On-Site Technical Production
Managed all facets of production, including video, lighting, and direction.
Set Design
Managed set design and fabrication.
Social Media Sharing
Handled by the OM Share technology platform.

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