Athlete Studio for the Crossfit Games

Reebok Athlete Studio

For the 2018 Crossfit Games, Reebok asked us to produce an instant studio as Crossfit athletes were newly fitted into their official Reebok kits for the Games. The videos would evoke the spirit and visual imagery of their "Always Striving" campaign and give the fittest athletes in the world a chance to show their followers that they had officially arrived.

Our Solution

The visual imagery of the campaign built on the use of repeating angles based on the same angles found within the Reebok Delta. The cutting lines represented repetition and resilience.

Using the OM video rendering engine, we were able to perfectly replicate this visual language, creating a script that would take raw footage from our onsite production, shot by a steadicam operator, and add the effect to finished videos in real-time, along with the cuts and edits that made the videos into a final product worthy of an ad spot.

These videos were shared by almost every athlete unsponsored and they reached several million views within days, leveraging the power of great content, a clear brand message and the influence of social media.

Athlete Studio for the Crossfit Games
Athlete Studio for the Crossfit Games
Athlete Studio for the Crossfit Games
Athlete Studio for the Crossfit Games

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