Amazon ‘Blue Room’ Studio

Capturing guests and stars of Amazon Prime shows in a unique set-build



Creating a unique video experience

Amazon wanted a unique video experience that would highlight the Prime Video brand.


The Amazon "Blue Room"

We designed and built a set that would highlight the blue color of the Amazon Prime brand, while creating an intriguing visual space. The simple concept allowed us to play with a variety of camera motions and angles.

How we
got there

Creative Direction
OM Digital served as a strategic design partner, from concept to execution.
Custom Set Design
We designed, fabricated, and installed an on-brand lighting and stage design.
Custom Video FX
Custom Video effects were designed and coded to give this production a unique look.


Organic posts on Instagram by starring cast members
Post by Cara Delevingne reached over 2.5 million views
Over 5 million impressions

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