2019 NFLPA Rookie Premiere

Rookies from 2019 NFL draft suit-up in their brand new jerseys to shoot, edit and share videos — instantly.



NFL Rookie Videos

The NFLPA wanted to create a unique video experience to capture the 2019 NFL draft class. The videos needed to be campaign-quality and the players had to be able share them instantly on social media.


Team Colors, Custom LED Light Stage

We used our OM Studio tech platform to allow us to capture, edit and share videos in real time. This meant that these super busy star rookies could create campaign-quality videos in a matter of seconds and post them to instagram on the spot.

In addition, we designed a custom LED light stage that allowed us to program the team colors for each player. The results were insanely cool, unique videos that matched each player.

How we
got there

Cinema Camera
A professional cinema camera was used to deliver film quality content.
Creative Direction
OM Digital served as a strategic design partner, from concept to execution.
Custom LED Light Stage
We designed a custom LED light stage, allowing us to program custom colors, patterns and FX to sync with our editing style.
Professional Cinematography
Our professional camera crew captured footage using a gimbal.


Dozens of star NFL rookies created their own unique video cameos
Videos were shot, edited and shared instantly

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