Our Solution

We looked at what technology we had available to us and found some interesting stuff happening with brain wave scanners. As we explored it, we found that the wave patterns could be converted into these unique pieces of art that were specific to each guest. We then drew up a design of how the physical object would look and had that passed through our carpentry team. From there, we matched to the footprint of the space and made sure signage and scale would make it visible from a distance.

Guests would then come to the brain scanner, place on the wireless headset, and then simply touch the screen to begin. The screen in front of them would show them their brain wave patterns and convert it into beautiful knit colors. Lastly, a printer on the side of the wall give them a take-away print of their brainwave art and they would be given the option to email themselves the digital version as well.

Drink Booth
Drink Booth
Drink Booth
Drink Booth

Our Process

  • Design

    We believe technology is meant to delight. Our product design process draws from years of experiential marketing. From the drawing board, our engineers and developers worked directly with our creative team with a focus on the experience rather than the ‘product.’ We looked at the brand guidelines and the client goals and matched those against what would make amazing shareable content.

  • Build

    Everything we make is built with as much care as the brands they serve. Our in-house designers, developers, and engineers are committed to ensuring that all materials have the perfect look and feel, the user interface is a pleasure to use, and tight deadlines are managed without delays.

  • Execute

    We believe the greatest value for our clients lies in the combination of our creative direction and the engagement provided by our technicians and on-site representatives. Our team is ready to deploy bespoke projects and national campaigns with equal precision.

  • Analyze

    Rigorous data collection and easy to read summaries are essential to communicating the value provided by experiential marketing and organic social media campaigns. That’s why our hosting back-end is designed to include a robust analytics engine that tracks reach long after the on-the-ground campaign has ended.

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